5 days to go!

Only 5 days for the release of the hack!

How far has this hack come in the last 5 months… It went from “maybe the game would be good if all items were visible, but I don’t really know how” to this. I wanna thank everyone for their invaluable feedback and support. Disch, snarfblam, jonk, Da_GPer, protomank, M-Tee, dougeff… and countless others, really. The community rocks. But I wanna thank specially macbee for the daily talks about romhacking. It was actually most of the time about my hack though, and I thought that’d be annoying, so I’m sorry about the times I talked too much! I was just very happy to be learning more about the NES everyday, and to have someone so experienced to talk to about it meant a huge deal.

Also, thanks to FCandChill for the help with the new songs and for breaking the initial barrier figuring out the sound format. It completely changed the face of the hack.

After I release the hack I’m going to move on to my PC game (wish me luck!). I plan to develop it for about 6 months, and I’m one to honor a schedule, so expect it to be released and I hope people are interested in it once it’s done. I don’t know exactly what it’ll be, but I will use my original assets from this hack, at least initially, so that gives an idea of what kind of direction I’m going to take.



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