Pitfall II soundtrack

The songs in Pitfall II for the atari 2600 use a special sound chip made of 100% awesome. Here’s a gameplay video to exemplify. So what better song to replace the main theme in Super Pitfall NES? hint: there isn’t a better song. So, yes, a music replacement is underway for the hack. But wait, not only that, a completely new song made by FCandChill is also going to be added! Thank you!

3 thoughts on “Pitfall II soundtrack

  1. I love this game. it is a real shame most people in Brazil don’t even know it exists. If released here at the time (1985-1994) Atari was selling and NES was starting, it would be a huge success.
    I was very lucky that a guy in y school owned one brought from Germany, so I had the chance to “teste” it at the time, and it made me go nuts.

    • Although adding that music changing funcionality is technically doable, time constraint is an issue. The hack is due for release in 23 days and there’s still so much to do! So for the time being, simply a mix of the Pitfall 2 songs will be played instead of the original Super Pitfall main theme. In the future, who knows?

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