Super Pitfall 30th Anniversary Edition!

Amigos brasileiros: o zip contém uma versão 100% em português BR!

The Super Pitfall 30th Anniversary Edition is a ROM hack made by nesrocks for the NES game Super Pitfall originally programmed by micronics and released for the famicom first in 1986. It works on a NES and emulators, powerpaks, etc!

The hack aims to update the game to be more enjoyable today with revised game design and improved graphics, while trying to maintain the original concept and feel of exploration intact. I have tried to keep the level design the same too, otherwise it just wouldn’t be the same game. There are just a few differences here and there, see if you can spot them.

Some of the changes include:

  • Completely new graphics
  • Completely new songs
  • Items are not invisible anymore
  • Warps are now doors you can enter
  • The hud shows important item collection progress
  • Automatically saved progress
  • Some bugs have been fixed
  • Improved performance


Patching Instructions:

1- Download the hack here

2- Get your Super Pitfall USA ROM (please legally own the game). Make a BACKUP of it!

3- Download lunar ips

4- Open lunar ips, click “Apply IPS Patch”. Locate the ips file contained in the zip.

5- Locate the Super Pitfall ROM to apply the patch to.

Done! Now play it on your NES emulator of preference!

– Nesrocks