Unused tiles

Here we have several unused graphics from the original NES Super Pitfall. They were taken from different portions of the ROM and assembled into this single image. The image is pretty much complete in terms of unused graphics. Please note that due to how NES graphics work, the original colors were lost. These colors were chosen then for contrast.

A few comments:

  • Some of these enemies don’t exist in the final game. That’s the spider walking up walls and the spider hanging from ceiling (complete with a hanging web line tile). But others do and have updated graphics. These old enemies graphics are the same as the PC-88 version of the game!
  • The girl seems to be a beta version of the niece. This graphic remains in all areas of the game, indicating the niece could have been placed anywhere, not just the dark world.
  • The big white square can be arranged in any size, and it was found on the title screen section. Maybe a text box background, or a temporary graphics for the title.
  • Several hud icons are found indicating the diamond, the lion and the niece. There’s also a gold icon, perhaps for gold counting. And a pointing hand suitable for hud item selection.
  • There is some sort of 3 frames explosion effect.
  • The blue blob in the middle of the image doesn’t appearĀ to be make sense in any arrangeable way.
  • The “S” is made of 4 tiles that can be arranged to form clouds exactly the same way as the PC-88 version.


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